Our Programs

Where Children Learn to Grow

Infants Program

Infants program includes children aged 6 weeks -12 months and is designed to meet the physical and emotional needs of each child. A teaching curriculum is followed that includes the documentation of your child’s milestones. We adhere to strict adult-to-infant ratios to ensure each child receives the proper amount of attention and love.

Toddlers Program

Our Toddlers program is aimed at children age 12 months – 36 months. Toddlers love to learn and explore. We understand that every toddler progresses at their own rate and our caregivers work to promote developmental milestones.

Our caregivers work to promote developmental milestones at a quickened pace. Besides the curriculum, the focus for toddlers is to let them learn by playing and “doing.” At this age, they are very curious and tend to learn and develop by being inquisitive.

Preschool Program

Our preschool program is for children age 3 years through 5 years. Our preschoolers learn in both small and large playgroups focusing on learning their social skills while doing tasks on their own. Our kindergarten readiness program follows the Maryland Model for School Readiness.

Developmentally appropriate educational circle time, art, storytime, free play, socialization skills, manners and potty training. Caregivers spend a good deal of time teaching the children to vocalize their needs and wants.

Elementary Program

Includes children attending Elementary School. The program features a daily routine of themes that children learn about throughout the school year. We offer care before/after school, school closings and during the summer months.

Our program focuses on reinforcing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education.